Simply download the app and enter your address to see if we service your specific area. All services are performed by our field techs on site. We fill your tank, change your oil, … Use the Yoshi app to schedule deliveries. Download the Yoshi app for Android or iOS. Learn more about Yoshi and download the app to schedule your first fill-up. We take that trust very seriously and is why we encourage our members to reach out at anytime. Our expert mechanics come to your parked car at home or at work and perform a safe, clean oil change. You trust us with one of our most valuable assets. Cancel at any time! Yoshi started delivering gas to our customers’ vehicles two years ago after we realized that the gas station was an outdated business model in the age of the on-demand economy. Yoshi is an automatic gas fill-up service that will come by your home or office each week to fill up your gas tank without you having to request service every time you need gas. Yoshi began in 2015 as a gas delivery service, delivering gas to your vehicle, wherever you were using small pickup trucks with top loaded DOT approved gas tanks in the back. Yoshi uses Top Tier Exxon Mobil Synergy Fuel with gas prices that match the lowest gas price within a two mile radius of where you get serviced. yoshi: how this gas-delivery startup fuels communities Fueling and auto-care service Yoshi is always looking for ways to help other organizations -- especially those whose mission is to help. From day one we have been proud to offer unparalleled customer service where you will always be texting with a real person. Our services include: Fuel Delivery, Car Wash, Car Detail, Engine Cleaner, Oil Change, Tire Check, Windshield Fluid, Windshield Treatment, Wiper Blades. Pricing for services in your specific area can be found when you enter your address in the app. Yoshi members pay a $20 (U.S.) monthly subscription fee, plus the cost of gas, a deal that Block — who considers gas stations dirty and inconvenient — said she couldn’t resist. If your vehicle has a locking gas door, we ask you to leave it slightly ajar when parking your car before we come by. Now there's YOSHI, a company that says gas stations could be a thing of the past. Get in touch and request your city! Don’t see your location? ‎Yoshi delivers gas, washes and oil changes directly to your car! When you drop a pin drop in our app, it helps us locate where your vehicle is parked. No obligations. Yoshi helps you take care of your car while saving you time and money. All services are performed on-site including fuel delivery and car maintenance services. After that the gas is price matched to the LOWEST Top Tier™ within a 2 mile radius of where you are parked and the services are competitive. Yoshi customers sign up for the service for $20 per month, a fee that includes gas delivery among other options. It also offers an application that allows users to see the latest per gallon price in their area and provides access to car washes and other details. Presentada en práctico Maletín de plástico para su transporte. Yoshi delivers gas, washes and oil changes directly to your car! Our corporate programs are designed to introduce your people to Yoshi and can be tailored to your organization. That includes gas delivery, oil changes, car washes and other additional services such as tire checks, windscreen fluid top up, wiper blades etc. Yoshi is a service that covers all the bases mentio… Yoshi delivers Gas, Wash, and Service directly to your parked car. Yoshi is a full service gas station on wheels. We search around for the lowest priced Top Tier™ gas, so you don’t have to. Yoshi brings gas and services to your car - Duration: 3:15. Yoshi is proud to pump Top Tier™ fuel, which is formulated for efficiency and helps you get better gas mileage. Yoshi delivers gas, oil changes, car washes, and anything else your car needs, while it’s parked so you can keep moving. Win-win. On top of that, when you use our additional services you will also earn gas discounts! Yoshi swings by my house every Monday morning and tops my car off. Yoshi trucks and tanks are DOT certified and our pumps are inspected and stamped by Weights and Measures to ensure accuracy. Yoshi pumps top tier Synergy fuel from Exxon and Mobil. This service is available to those who reside in Greater Atlanta, Nashville, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Yoshi is current having a promotion where you can receive a FREE tank of gas on your first service fill-up when you sign up for a new account with a Yoshi Referral Promo Code from a current user. Yoshi (ヨッシー, yosshii) (del japonès, "millor" o "feliç") és un dinosaure fictici que apareix en diversos videojocs de Nintendo i, més comunament, és el nom d'un membre específic d'aquesta espècie i la saga de Mario.. Yoshi té llengua molt llarga i enganxosa i pot empassar gairebé qualsevol cosa, fins i tot coses que són molt més grans que ell. Yoshi has operations in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Atlanta, Austin, Nashville, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, Tampa, Cleveland, Warren, and St. Louis with plans to expand to even more cities soon. Yoshi, Inc. provides e-commerce services for automotive industry. Provider of on-demand vehicle re-fueling services intended to deliver gas to customers for their vehicles. Yoshi’s mission is to keep vehicles moving in the safest, most efficient, and planet-friendly way possible, while delivering unparalleled customer service. Access to all services with no delivery fees, Free 30 day trial. You read correctly. Yoshi is an on-demand fuel delivery service, eliminating the need to visit gas stations. Cancel anytime. We price match our gas to the lowest Top Tier™ station within a 2 mile radius to ensure you the customer gets the best quality at the lowest price. Save time and money with Yoshi’s conventional, synthetic, or Mobil 1™ oil change and filter replacement service. * Our prices will be updated daily and matched to the cheapest gas station in your zip code. Don’t worry about those warning lights ever again! It proves the point people hate to go to gas … For the month of January, you’ll notice lower gas prices and more savings from Yoshi. The membership fee covers all deliveries regardless of whether you use us once a week or ten times a week. Yoshi provides gas delivery services. Cancel anytime. Yoshi helps you take care of your car while saving you time and money. Our membership includes access to all of our services delivered to wherever you park. Set up your profile including vehicle details, payment information, membership plan, and preferred fuel grade. Since then we have kept our focus on gas delivery while building out an operational infrastructure and a world-class customer service platform to guarantee quality and timeliness of delivery. Yoshi delivers gas directly to your vehicle wherever it is parked. After that the gas is price matched to the LOWEST Top Tier™ within a 2 mile radius of where you are parked and the services are competitive. The Company offers fuel delivery services to parked vehicles, refueling services on a scheduled basis and concierge services. Yoshi does have a referral program which will help you earn more gas savings. Gas is available in regular or premium and you can select your preference in the app as well as checking the price of gas for today in your location. Yoshi will cost you $20 a month in membership (or $16 if you get the annual subscription) and this covers all delivery and service fees. This means you get the best quality gasoline delivered to your vehicle at the lowest price. Simply enter your location in the Yoshi app, choose your preferred weekly schedule and Yoshi will take care of the rest. Cocina compacta con cartucho de gas incorporado ( No incluido) Potencia: 2 Kw Consumo: 0,150 Kg/h Dimensiones 34 X 28 X 12 cm.