NOTE: The ASU Clicker Support Team can assist you with clicker registration and general troubleshooting. Depending on the institution, Canvas users can contact Canvas Support through the Help menu in Canvas Global Navigation on the web or the Help option in the User Menu from one of the Canvas mobile apps. Blackboard to Canvas Migration: ASU Online Student Q&A. eSCHOOL-ASU Canvas Frequently Asked Questions What is happening and why? Student Stories. Web site feedback. It is against the law for ASU Preparatory Academy to retaliate against anyone who files a grievance or cooperates in the investigation of a grievance. Here you will find more information on our most popular tools and resources like Zoom, Slack, DocuSign and more. Use Campus IT Resources to find more information on classroom support, computing sites, equipment demonstrations, tech studio information, and more. */ Overview SILC Learning Support Services provides a wide variety of workshops, training, brown bag and other events to help faculty and students learn how to use technology effectively in their learning and teaching. The goal of this tutorial is to help ASU faculty and staff build courses in Canvas. Ally training and support is available from the UTO instructional design team. The resources below will help you learn more about the platform, teach you to build courses, provide direction for creating content, and provide links to other University resources that can be incorporated into your course. Questions concerning the law may be addressed with your school site principal. The focus will be on these areas: REQUESTING a developmental shell (dev-shell) where the course can be built; PREPARING the course for delivery to students; DEPLOYING the shell into a … Students for In-Person Technology Help for your devices: Please visit us at our on campus Technology Studios 1-855-278-5080 (toll-free) +1-480-965-6500 (international). Classroom Support. You have reviewed the entire grade book in Canvas for clicker points for your class. An outline of grievance procedures is available at each school on request. Still, need help from the Clicker Support team? Be sure to view our Accesibility Quick Tips. UTO facilitates many technical tools for the ASU community. Location What is Canvas? Sun Devil Life. How instructors use the course may vary considerably, however many of the features will remain consistent across your courses. Canvas is a fully featured learning management system designed to facilitate the delivery of instruction. You have reviewed the "Responding to Questions" instructions here. Canvas is a learning management system that ASU instructors use to teach all or part of your classes. ASU offers many resources for accessibility through the Canvas LMS, including the Canvas Accessibility Checker and Ally. Read more about ID photos for ASU Online students; Checklist for Student Success. Read more about Blackboard to Canvas Migration: ASU Online Student Q&A; ID photos for ASU Online students. For example, you may use Canvas to: Access course materials, like lectures, videos or reading assignments Tools. Student Support Services .