This is your AF. I may at a later time add some staves and clubs that Monks may use. Please Note: EXTREMELY hard to obtain Relic Knuckles: Spharai. If you’re back as Monk to take robots apart in 3.2, you’ve found the right place for 3.2 MNK BiS!. Hidden Effect: Kick Attack DMG +25. Class Features. They are a sacred warrior and master of martial arts, embodying the will of … However, Hand-to-Hand delivers the same type of damage (blunt), has a generally higher Damage to second ratio, has A+ skill as a monk compared to B, and is also the only weapon affected by the Martial Arts trait. Seriously suggest the Republic Knuckles; these last a long time, are relatively inexpensive, and are truly the best you can get. Hidden Effect: Attacks will occasionally do 3 times normal damage. Although they are subligar, these are one of the best leg pieces in the game for, (Tanking Only) An alternative to Republic Subligar. Thanks! In the Final Fantasy manga, one of the Warriors of Light is a Monk named Fritz (フリッツ, Furittsu?). Gold Armor (6, 9, Tactics, TA), Golden Armor (12, TA2) ... Robe for Monk (Vaan in FF12RW). Monks are known for their weaponless approach to fighting, relying on the way of the fist (later, it switches to claws). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Basically, I have been studying the armor that our explorers have been bringing back from their adventures. The Monk is a great addition to your party, particularly in the later stages of the game. The best mechanics get their hands dirty y’know? Iron Nunchaku, Masamune, Nunchaku, Power Staff, Staff, Ultima Weapon (Master only) Drops off Xolotl in Attohwa Chasm. Monks are known for their weaponless approach to fighting, relying on the way of the fist (later, it switches to claws). X: Knight Armor (2, 3, 10), Paladin Armor (4) Medium-strength armor for Knights. Originally, the Master's attack speed and power was increased, but at the expense of its Magic Defense growth, which went from +4 to a mere +1 per level up. Armor Pages in category "Monk Body" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 686 total. After completing the Citadel of Trials, Bahamut, the Dragon King, upgrades all Monk party members to the rank of Master (スーパー モンク, Sūpā Monku?). Monk appears on a Triple Triad card in the version playable via Final Fantasy Portal App. The Monk, also known as the Black Belt (空手家, Karateka? As a result of this difference in stat growth, in the NES version, the Master receiving the benefit… If Accuracy isn't a problem, this is a good replacement for the Scorpion Harness. Good for TP burn parties. The job was otherwise similar, and its Magic Defense shortcoming could be mitigated by equipping a Ribbon. Dropped and stolen from mobs. ENM treasure from, KS30 drop. One option is to camp, Hidden effect: Piercing damage instead of blunt. Preserving Final Fantasy tradition, Monk retains many classic abilities including Martial Arts, Chakra, Max HP Boost, and Counter. However, this is a very pricy piece, but a must for those seriously wanting to take MNK to level 75. In the same ironic twist, these are the best hand gear till 25, 27, 30, and 34.Some people choose to use these for even longer though because of the ACC+. Posts about Monk written by Alahra. Monk Appearances: FF1, FF3, FF4, FF5, FF6, FF7, FF8, FF9, FF11, FFT, FFTA Aliases: Black Belt, Master, Kareteka, White Monk. A detailed statistical listing of the armor available in Final Fantasy (FF, FF1, FFI, NES, Virtual Console) As a result, if a BB is unarmed but wearing armor and levels up, the level is used for defense rather than armor. First up are models of the Monk Armor Sets! Great piece for soloing. Empress Hairpin dropped from Valkurm Emperor (NM) 30 Valkurm Dunes. Adds "Regen" effect, HP and MP recovered while healing +1. Some Monks skip this item because only, Hidden effect: Kick Attack DMG +30 Use with. The WSC also gives the Monk a messy hairstyle tied back into a ponytail, similar to the hairstyle of Sabin Rene Figaro, a Monk from Final Fantasy VI. (previous page) () Komawin Fe`Dhar is located in to the left, in a room past the maze in Skyshrine for monks to obtain a set of White Lotus Armor. Replaces Ochimusha Kote. Later releases would include the White Mage and Black Mage as the third and fourth members of the default party, replacing the Monk and Red Mage respectively. The job's WonderSwan Color design changes the color of the headband to red, but it was reverted to blue for the PlayStation Portable sprites. Good weapons for solo play and also tanking situations such as Salvage. In any case, Destroyers are a BCNM treasure from, Mythic Weapon (even hard to get with 18000 alexandrite which cost 6k on Titan = 151 million gil.). Standard merchants sell for 294~332 gil. 1,000 CP Bastok Weapon. However, I won’t personally make that recommendation until more numbers are crunched. So, I've been unable to really find any screenshots of the variety of gear Monks and Ninjas can wear. Quicknotes: There’s a bunch of sets that can come up with very similar stats (900~ CRIT, 500~ DET 600~ SS).. Navigation: Monk BiS Standard Merchant sells for 132 - 149 gil. The job was otherwise similar, and its Magic Defense shortcoming could be mitigated by equipping a Ribbon. Higher defense and Attack bonus. ... Also keep in mind that a Monk wearing no Armor … You say, 'What armor?' Grab the +1 if you can, else STR +1 Attack +10 Ranged Attack +10 is not bad effects from the regular. Diablo Immortal Content Overview The Monk is one of six playable classes in Diablo Immortal, similar in aesthetics to the Monk from Diablo III. What they lack in strength, the make up for in HP and endurance. Amazing weapon that beats everything that came before it with the possible exception of Shenlong's Baghnakhs (which are not an easy weapon to get at the moment).